Copper Powder Horn - Product Image
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Copper Powder Horn

The fine workmanship shows how much this Powder Horn must have been treasured by its original owner. The copper body is adorned with a motif often found carved on fine period furniture. The brass top is adjustable to allow various amounts of powder to be measured. The sprung, brass lever that releases the powder works perfectly. A nice addition to any collection. 7 1/2' long.
Stock/Part Number: FA-4161
Price: $155.00 

Fire Bar Trivet - Product Image

Fire Bar Trivet

A fabulous steel and brass Fire Bar Trivet. A nice piece for those who collect fire place items, or it could be hung from a wall. The brass sliding top has a star motif in the center and the words Home Sweet Home cut out in the brass around the star.
Stock/Part Number: FA-3496 
Price: $120.00 

Wedgwood Sugar Bowl - Product Image

Wedgwood Sugar Bowl

A magnificent, early, C1880, Wedgwood Sugar Bowl in the wonderful deep blue color. The high relief, applied Grecian figures, fig trees and sheep are finely detailed and in excellent condition. Marked "Wedgwood" Dimensions: 3 1/4" high by 6" diameter at the top.
Stock/Part Number:  FA-4264
Price: $245.00 

Wedgwood Plant Container - Product Image

Wedgwood Plant Container

A truly fine Wedgwood Plant Container. The applied decoration is in pristine condition with very fine detail. Marked "Wedgwood, England". C1895. Dimensions: 4 1/2" high by 5" diameter at the top.
Stock/Part Number: FA-4265
Price: $225.00 

Copper Luster Cream Pitcher - Product Image

Copper Luster Cream Pitcher

A pretty little Copper Luster Cream Pitcher, C1890, decorated on each side with a riding party scene. Dimensions: 4 1/2" high.
Stock/Part Number:  FA-1000
Price: $55.00 

Early Dutch Bronze Candlestick - Product Image

Early Dutch Bronze Candlestick

This very elegant Bronze Candlestick is of Dutch origin and was made around 1780. It is of solid bronze construction with an octagonal base and drop knob stem. The removable nozzle is soldered in place. This is a very nice early piece of lighting which would make nice addition to any collection.
Stock/Part Number: FA-3188
Price: $225.00 

Staffordshire Spill Holder - Product Image

Staffordshire Spill Holder

A beautiful Staffordshire Spill Holder, C1870. This was most likely figured after a character in a Victorian play. This lady is finely painted and would look at home on any mantelpiece, filled with spills, ever ready to light a gentleman's pipe, a candle or the fire. There is some glaze crazing, not unusual for a piece of early china and an insignificant hairline crack at the top left side about 1/2" long. Dimension: 5 1/4" high by 3 1/2" wide at the base.
Stock/Part Number: FA-3957
Price: $195.00 

American Copper Bedwarmer - Product Image

American Copper Bedwarmer

An American Copper Bedwarmer with original Maple Handle. C1870. A really nice bedwarmer in great condition. No repairs or nasty dents. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FW10033
Price: $425.00 

Brass Candlesticks C 1850. 5" - Product Image

Brass Candlesticks C 1850. 5"

A nice pair of elegant Brass Candlesticks C 1850. 5" tall. English, spun brass, with pushups (the bottoms are corked but the plunger is there). An unusual size and a nice addition to a grouping of candlesticks. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FW4378
Price: $185.00 

Copper Lustre Pitcher - Product Image

Copper Lustre Pitcher

A pretty Copper Lustre Pitcher, 3" tall. In perfect condition. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA4391
Price: $48.00 

Solid Brass Candle Stand - Product Image

Solid Brass Candle Stand

An actractive Solid Brass Candle Stand, 5 1/4" tall. C1880. Very pretty when used with a pillar candle. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA3744
Price: $135.00 

Rosewood Veneered Ladies Sewing Box - Product Image

Rosewood Veneered Ladies Sewing Box

A pretty little Rosewood Veneered Ladies Sewing Box with pewter veining and a small rectangular mother of pearl inlay. The box is approximately 8 3/4" high x 5 5/8" deep x 3 3/4" high. It has its original lock although the escutcheon has been replaced without a key hole. The box interior is there but in shabby condition. The Box is at least Good+
Stock/Part Number: FA3306
Price: $98.00 

Copper Range Kettle, C1880 - Product Image

Copper Range Kettle, C1880

A small, squat, Copper Range Kettle, C1880. With offset handle for improved balance. A few minor dents from use over the years. Good+
Stock/Part Number: FW4355
Price: $160.00 

Brass Milk Pan - Product Image

Brass Milk Pan

A very nice , C1860. Chiefly used for scalding milk in the Victorian era. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA3031
Price: $68.00 

 Brass Footman - Product Image

Brass Footman

An absolutely fantastic Brass Footman, C1870, inscribed across the front "Home Sweet Home". A great addition to a Victorian fire place. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA3994
Price: $995.00 

Solid Brass Fire Bar trivet Top Fender - Product Image

Solid Brass Fire Bar trivet Top Fender

A fabulous Solid Brass Fire Bar Trivet Top Fender. 46" long, 6 1/2" high and 11 1/2" deep. Good++ $550.00, PLUS SHIPPING AT COST to your destination.
Stock/Part Number: FW3804
Price: $550.00 

Gentlemans Walking Stick - Product Image

Gentlemans Walking Stick

A Gentlemans Walking Stick, 35" long. The walking stick is made from a twisted root and topped with ivory. The ground end is tipped to prevent splitting. Quite an impressive walking accessory. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA4071
Price: $125.00 

 Copper Powder Horn - Product Image
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Copper Powder Horn

A Fabulous Copper Powder Horn, with Brass fittings. Measures 2, 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 2 3/4 & 3 drams of powder. Raised shell motif similar to those found on furniture. C1850. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA4161
Price: $150.00 

Silver Plated Bread Fork - Product Image

Silver Plated Bread Fork

A very nice Silver Plated Bread Fork, maked NV & TS. 9" long. Silver plate in good condition. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA4303
Price: $68.00 

Solid Brass Candle Reflector. C1830 - Product Image

Solid Brass Candle Reflector. C1830

A Solid Brass Candle Reflector. C1830. The top tilts to be angled to catch the candle light and direct the extra light where needed. An unusual piece. 5 3/4 inch diameter, 9 inces high. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FA3556
Price: $195.00 

12 inch Brass Candlesticks. English, C1840 - Product Image

12 inch Brass Candlesticks. English, C1840

A fabulous pair of 12 inch Brass Candlesticks. English, C1840, spun brass with push ups. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FW11122
Price: $198.00 

Pair Brass Candlesticks 8 inches C1840 - Product Image

Pair Brass Candlesticks 8 inches C1840

A Pair of 8 inch English brass candlesticks. C1840. Nice proportions, round spun brass bases, hollow centers. One of the inside pushups is missing. Good++
Stock/Part Number: FW11130
Price: $85.00 

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