Welcome to the Falcon-Wood Newsletter.

The Newsletter lists fresh items posted on the Falcon-Wood web pages, plus pertinent dates of up coming Tool Sales, Auctions and events.

On the Stanley page: 

8 fresh items.
A No 5 Jack plane. A No 3 Smoothing Plane, Type 11. A No 20 “Victor” Compass Plane C1930’s. A No 95 Edge Trim Block Plane. A No 102 Block Plane with sweetheart trade mark. A No 80 Cabinet Scraper, unused condition. A No 78 Duplex Rabbet Plane with sweetheart trade mark, and a No 191 Iron Rabbet Plane. Please click on the link to see the pictures and more details of these tools.

All the above items are in great condition for using, collecting, or as a great gift.