Shipwrights Tools


A Sample of Shipwright Tools available at


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A Shipwright's Lignum Vitae Caulking Mallet. Good + $98.00


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A Pair of Shipwright's Curved Molding Planes. A convex sole fillet with quarter round and a curved molder having the same profile. Marked with the owner's/shipwright's name "G Gay", who was probably the maker of these fine planes from the late 1800s. Good+ $158.00


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A 15 inch Shipwright's Dado Plane by Auburn Tool Co. NY. 1 1/2 inch wide ccutter, with two front knickers. Off set tote. Good+ $48.00


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A Shipwrights Grooving Plane, 1/8 inch. Tropical wood, possibly rosewood. Good+ $48.00



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