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Offered below are a variety of tools that are of particular interest to collectors. Many of these tools were selected because of their condition and aesthetic qualities. We are also known for our selection of; Plumb Bobs, Trammel Points, and Levels.

Because of their unique nature many of the items below may not be repeatable and are subject to prior sale. Its possible, however, for us to have a similar item in stock. 

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A Framing Square by G. A. Topps & Co. Indianapolis, Indiana. Patented by Thomas R. Cook. Copies of the patent included. Rosewood with brass fittings and steel. Good++ $128.00


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An Early Carpenter's Slick by J. Sener, Lancaster, PA. C1820. 3 3/8 inches wide, 31 1/2 inches long. Really nice piece of early forged iron. Good++ $188.00



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A Beautiful 6 inch Rosewood Filled Brass Smoothing Plane. The iron and chip breaker are marked "Mathieson & Son". The plane was owned and used by Wm. Wallace. Good++ $475.00


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A Norris No 1 Panel Plane, 13 1/2 inches long. Rosewood infill, gunmetal lever cap. Steel, dovetailed body. The less common 13 1/2 inch size, this model does not have the steel sole extending beyond the infill on the toe and heel. Classic Norris design of this earlier pre WW11 model. Good+ to Good++ $1,295.00


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A Pair of Brass Trammel Points with brass keepers. Steel points and knurled knobs. 6 1/2 inches long. Good++ $145.00


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A Pair of Bronze Trammel Points with cut out design. Knurled knobs and steel points. 6 1/4 inches long. Good+ $120.00


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A Pair of Brass Trammel Points with steel points. 3 3/4 inches high. Original wooden beam of mahogany/padouk wood. Owner name stamped in the wood. Good++ $120.00


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A Pair of Brass and Steel Trammels on a 36 inch beam. The trammels are 6 inches long with steel points and knurled top screws. One trammel has an extra fine adjustment screw, which is knurled to match the top screws. Good++ $250.00


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An "Ultimatum" type Brace by Fenton & Marsden, Sheffield, England. No 986, Reg. Mar. 1847. Marked "The Improved Brace". Lever style chuck. Ebony and brass. Good+ $695.00


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A Small 2 1/2oz Brass Plumb Bob. Turnip shape with nice knurling around the top. Just 2 1/8" long. Good++ $76.00


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A 12 oz Brass plumb Bob by Heller & Brightly, Phila. A nice Plumb Bob in great condition. Good++ $125.00


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Norris No 1, C1935. Very rare and early, rosewood filled, dovetailed sole, 16 1/2" Panel Plane. Has 1 5/8" remaining of the original iron (the iron is stamped with the number 7 to match the number 7 stamped in the wood infill. Both the iron and chip breaker are marked Norris). This rare size plane is also marked "Murray, Liverpool" the plane dealer who originally sold the plane. RARE,Good ++ $4,500.00


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Solid Brass Surveyor's Land Cross by DeFeuil, Paris. A nice example in Good++ condition. $175.00


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A Ladies Bonnett Style Hat Mold. New ribbon. Shown on a contemporary stand for display. Good++ $250.00


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A small Brass Chariot Plane with mahogany wedge. 1 3/8" iron by Ward. Owners name marked in the brass. Plane measures 3 5/8" long x 1 5/8" wide. Good+ $235.00


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 An exquisitely designed Furrier's Buttress, possibly French. Steel with an ebonized handle. 13 1/2" long. Good+ $120.00


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 Interesting Item for anyone who collects horse related items!! This Horse Tail Docker, is 17 1/2" long. Made from Rosewood with brass trim, steel cutter. Good+ $195.00


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You don't find these often! A Record No 077A Bullnose Plane. 1 1/8" wide, with a removable front for extra close work. Crispy. Good++ $235.00




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