Coachmaker's Tools

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A Fully Boxed Coachmaker's Center Bead Molding Plane by William Tomlin, Glasgow, Scotland. Good++ $68.00


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A Coachmaker's Mahogany Beveling Plane with adjustable sole fence and boxwood side edge. Good+ $76.00


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A Coachmaker's Compass Rabbet Plane with boxwood stop and wedge. Good++ $78.00


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A Coachmaker's No 1 Hollow Plane, by Marley, NY. The smallest of the H & Rs. Good++ $38.00


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Pair of Mahogany Coachmaker's Half Round Planes, 5 1/2 inches long. Owners name stamped in the wood. Good++ $235.00


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Coachmakers Beading Router with brass reinforcing plates. This beautiful unmarked tool has boxwood wedges and was probably made by a local craftsman or the Coachmaker himself. It has two cutters so it can be used in either direction to suit the wood grain. Good++ $175.00



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