Great Gift Ideas

 We have gathered below some tools that would make great gifts. 

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A Copper Glue Pot with dovetailed seams C1890. Used mostly for "hide glue", the inner pot which holds the glue is immersed in the outer pot which holds water. This is kept warm to keep the glue soft for use. Nice condition for one of these pots, most are found with lots of dings and dents. Good++ $135.00



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A Round Copper Hot Water Bottle with brass screw top. Often covered with a blanket and used for traveling in the late 1800s into early 1900s. This one has a few minor "character" dents. Often used these days as a decorative hearth piece. Good+ $75.00.


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A Solid Brass Pedestal Kettle Trivet with fancy pierced brass top. 12 inches tall. This trivet is a very decorative, the base is brass over steel, which gives the trivet stability. C 1880. A fine addition to the hearth. Good++ $150.00


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Brass Plumb Bob by Berger No 72, with reversible spring loaded point. Good+ $95.00


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Brass Plumb Bob with steel point. 3 1/4 inches long. Good+ $58.00


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A very shapely Brass Plumb Bob, steel tip and a nicely knurled top. 4" long by 1 3/4" wide. Good+ $95.00


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An Onion shaped Brass Plumb Bob by E. Preston, No 2. 2 5/8" long. Good++ $88.00


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 A small Archemedian Drill with brass head and fittings. A dainty tool for delicate jobs. Good++ $125.00



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