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We have revised our book page to include some out of print books, but still available for a limited time, plus some used books in great condition. Out of print books and used books will be identified as such.


"A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes By Emil & Martyl Pollack, 4th Edition revised by Thomas Elliott. $39.95

The definitive guide, covering American plane makers from the earliest individual makers who worked before the Revolutionary War to the last few manufactures of the twentieth century. This comprehensive directory includes nearly 2,000 biographical entries, together with over 2,200 imprint illustrations and wedge outlines. The most comprehensive book on American wooden plane makers. 462 pages and over 3,000 illustrations. 7" x 10". Soft bound.


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British Planemakers from 1700 by W. L. Goodman, 2nd Edition. $44.00 SORRY - SOLD

An extensive list of makers names and dates compiled by Goodman. A must have book for collectors and users, historians and museums.

Hard bound.



This books is Out of Print

SARGENT PLANES, Identification and Value Guide, Second Edition (2004) by David E. Heckel. $30.00 Sorry - SOLD

This second edition has added plane listings, new information, new catalog engravings and revised prices. David Heckel has been researching Sargent & Company for over 20 years and shares his findings in this paper back which is in almost perfect condition. 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches.




This books is Out of Print

Some 19th Century English Woodworking Tools, Edge and Joiner Tools and Bit Braces. by Kenneth D. Roberts. Published 1980 by Ken Roberts Publishing Co. $195.00 1 Copy available

Some 19th Century English Woodworking Tools, Edge and Joiner Tools and Bit Braces. The book is divided into six chapters beginning with the steel industry in Sheffield, on to the making of Saws and Files, with list of saw makers. Edge Tools, with list of Sheffield Edge tools makers and firms. Joiner's tools and list of Joiner tool manufacturers. Planes, and Braces and Bits with lists of Sheffield and Birmingham Brace and Bit manufacturers. Illustrated with photographs and detailed line drawings, the book is an outstanding source of history and information meticulously compiled by Mr. Roberts. 480 pages. Hard Bound. Used in excellent condition. 11 1/4" by 9".

This copy was signed by the author on Nov. 1st, 1980. It came from the personal library of well known tool collector, the late Dr. Ronald Pearson. The book is number 93 of 750 copies and inscribed to Ronald W. Pearson.



This books is Out of Print

"Tools for the Trades and Crafts" An Eighteenth Century Pattern Book, R. Timmins & Sons, Birmingham. By Kenneth D Roberts, Published 1978. $175.00 1 Copy available

Reproduced is the R. Timmins & Sons, 1791 - 1889 Pattern Book. Tools illustrated, with detailed identification, include those of the shoemaker, cooper, carpenter and joiner, butcher, farmer, farrier and blacksmith, lumberman, mason, plasterer, shipbuilder and sailmaker, slater, cook, dressmaker, artist and draftsman,dentist and surgeon, barber and wigmaker, mineralogist, and waterdrawer. A comprehensive book on the influence of the English pattern book on American tools. 228 pages. Hard bound with dust jacket. 134 full page reprints of tools and implements reproduced from outstanding copper plate engravings, some in original size to illustrate actual dimensions and range of tools. 8 1/2" by 11"

The book is numbered A 026, it came from the personal library of well known tool collector, the late Dr. Ronald Pearson. It is inscribed "To Ronald Pearson, Ken Roberts, Jun 22, 1981".

The book is in Excellent condition, the dust cover is faded in color.



These books are Out of Print

"The Stanley Plane, A History & Descriptive Inventory" by Alvin Sellens. 5th Printing 1982 by EAIA, also,"Woodworking Planes, A Descriptive Register of Wooden Planes" by Alvin Sellens. 1978. $125.00 the pair. Sorry - SOLD

Two books by Alvin Sellens - "The Stanley Plane", gives a brief history and trademarks of the Stanley Company plus general information on Bench Planes, Block Planes, Combination Planes, Numbering and Catalogs. Also covers facts on Defiance, Aluminum, Gage, Handyman, Steel and Four Square Planes.

"Woodworking Planes" covers planes made by American planemakers on a commercial basis. Most of the information was gathered from the best possible sources - the manufacturers catalogs and sales sheets. Describes the types of wood used in making wooden planes, the marking on planes and plane irons. Lots of good black and white photographs and line drawings.

Both books are in very good condition. The dust covers are discolored slightly from handling. Hard Bound. 216 pages. 9 1/2" x 6 1/2



This book is Out of Print

"Antique & Collectible STANLEY TOOLS Guide to Identity & Value" by John Walter. $295.00 Only 1 Copy Available

1996 Second Edition. This is the last available full tool guide done by John Walter. The unparalleled price and identification guide to vintage Stanley tools. Over 2100 individual tools plus hundreds of additional listings for each significant type and variation. Over 100 pages of Type Studies on Stanley's planes, rules, levels points out modifications and patent improvements critical for assessing vintage and value. Included is Stanley's beautiful advertising materials, company memorabilia, instructional publications and more.

Very Good Condition. Some very minor discoloration on the page edges from handling. 884 pages. Paper Bound 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"




This book is Out of Print

"Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America 1827-1927" by Roger K. Smith. $195.00 Only 1 Copy Available

This 1981 First Edition covers developments from the very first patented metallic planes through the beginning of the 20th Century. The chapters cover Stanley, Leonard Bailey, Stanley’s competitors, patented combination planes and more. Includes type studies of Stanley planes, patent drawings and illustrations from early catalogs. Invaluable information for the antique tool collector and a superb reference for museums. There is a small personal inscription inside the front cover.

Excellent condition. Hard Bound. 336 pages. 11" x 9"




This book is Out of Print

"Instruments of Change, New Hampshire hand tools and their makers 1800 - 1900". Published for New Hampshire Historical Society in 1985. This is one of the limited edition (1500) exhibition catalog, with essays on the history of tool making in New Hampshire. Soft bound. $60.00 Sorry - SOLD

The catalog explores the 18th Century origins of hand tool manufacture in New Hampshire and traces the 19th Century evolution of that manufacture, especially in relation to the states dominant forest products industries. It lists all known manufacturers of hand tools who worked in new Hampshire before 1900. Over 1,000 names are listed. This shows the astonishing scope of hand tool production in the state at that time. Excellent illustrations and photographs.

Very nice condition. Soft Bound. 113 pages. 12" x 9"



These books are Out of Print

"Wooden Planes in 19th Century America" Vol 1 & Vol 11. by Kenneth D. Roberts. $350.00 the pair. SORRY - SOLD


"American Machinist's Tools" by Kenneth L. Cope $29.95 Only 1 copy available

An Illustrated Directory of Patents. Over 1000 Diagrams fully illustrated of machinist's tools patented through 1905, and the more important ones from 1906 to 1916. Indexed alphabetically, chronologically and by the type of tool, making identification a much easier job with minimal information. 424 pages. 7" x 10". Soft cover.




"The Ultimate Brace, A Unique Product of Victorian Sheffield" by Reg Eaton. $125.00 Out of Print. 1 Copy available

Tools made and marked "Sheffield" were known for quality and generations of trades people revered the name. This book is dedicated to one of those Sheffield tools - the Metallic Framed Brace, from the very beginning in mid 19th century to its end about 50 years later. Durring this time there occurred many variations and innovations which are meticulously detailed and illustrated along with manufacturing techniques used at that time. Some of the many questionable trading practices are explored along with Patent and Registration Designs which were openly copied and falsely claimed. Mr Eaton, one of the best known dealers in antique wood working tools, made Metallic Framed Braces his speciality. His personal collection of these braces is unrivalled as is his knowledge of them. 180 pages. 8 1/2" x 10 1/2". Hard Cover. 1989 Edition.



British Pewter & Britannia Metal for pleasure and investment, by Christopher A. Peal. $65.00 1 copy only.

USED BOOK - As new condition. This book covers the background of British pewter through the centuries. An important book for the advanced collector and the novice. Gives information on detecting fakes. Provides information on how a collection of superior quality can be acquired by using the knowledge the author has assembled over the years. Lots of illustrations. A great book to have for reference. 1973 edition. 10 1/2 x 8. Hard Cover.

USED BOOK - As new condition.

Dictionary of Leather Working Tools and the tools of allied trades, by R. A. Salaman. $88.00 SORRY - SOLD

Over 1100 different leather working tools are described and illustrated, with the use and purpose explained. A unique and indispensable book for people who work with leather. An impressive work useful to historians, collectors and craftsmen as well as museums documenting such artifacts. Published 1986. 377 pages. HARD COVER. 10" x 8"

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Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by R. A. Salaman. $ 48.00 1 Copy Only

Hundreds of woodworking tools described and illustrated with the use and purpose explained. A great book for users and historians.

Paper back. 10" by 8"



"Pewter In America, Its Makers and Their Marks", THREE VOLUMES IN ONE, by Ledlie Irwin Laughlin. $35.00 1copy only.

USED BOOK - As new condition.The amount of information gathered in this book is amazing. An invaluable volume sought after by collectors and dealers alike. Pewter in America is the fascinating story of American pewter, told with loads of detail and hundreds of illustrations. Originally published in 1940, Vols. 1 and 11 were later reprinted together with the author's corrections and notes. Vol 111, first published in 1970 adds all the information discovered after 1940 on pewter, its makers, and their marks. 11 1/4 x 8 3/4. Hard Cover.

"More Makers of American Machinist's Tools", by Kenneth L. Cope $17.95 Only 1 copy available

From much interest generated by Mr. Copes two previos books, American Machist's Tools and Makers of American Machinist's Tools, this new volume of More Makers of American Machinist's Tools resulted. Hundreds of additional makers are covered. Included, as well, are hundreds of additional indexed and tool patents, illustrated, providing more assistance in identifying and categorizing tools. 7' x 10". Soft cover.


"Hand Tools for Woodworkers, Principles & Techniques", by Robert Wearing $16.95

A great publication for the person who wants to get into the very heart of woodworking. Clear text, understandable drawings, along with detailed instructions, gives all the information you need to know about essential hand tools, includes how to select and use them, and how to get the best results by maintaining them properly. From cutting and fitting simple joints to hinging doors and boxes, you will be an expert in no time. Gives advice on a variety of tools, sharpening edge tools, making joints and hinging. 126 pages.Great detailed illustrations.7 1/2" x 10". Soft cover.


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