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Come and visit the Berkshire Internet Antiques Mall. This Web Site has been restructured to provide information on Antique and Collectable tools, Household tools such as those for the Fireplace, Kitchen, etc., and Custom Hand-Crafted Furniture made to your design requirements.

The Berkshires Internet Antiques Mall is a Web Site where you may buy direct from Falcon Antiques, Falcon-Wood or Falcon Woodworks or find information and links to informational Web Sites.

Antique Tool Shops Plus:

Falcon-Wood   04/27/10

Falcon-Wood has had a Web Site since early 1995 making them the second oldest tool shop on the Internet. They have an extensive online shop with secure shopping cart for your online shopping convenience. Falcon-Wood has specialized old and antique woodworking tools as well as tools from other trades for over 20 years.

Located in the South West corner of Massachusetts just 1/4 mile north of the Connecticut State line. Falcon-Wood is open by Appointment. Please call ahead (413) 229-7745 or send Send Email

Antiques at Falcon-Wood   02/12/10

Also located in the South West corner of Massachusetts, Antiques at Falcon-Wood has a selection of accessories such as; brass candlesticks, copperware, early iron, boxes, etc. Open by Chance or preferably Appointment. Please call ahead (413) 229-7745 or send Send Email if you plan to visit.

Antiques at Falcon-Wood also has a secure online shopping basket for your shopping convenience.

Antique Workbenches And Tool Boxes at Falcon-Wood   01/21/10

Located at the same address as Falcon-Wood they have a nice selection of old Workbenches, Shaving benches, Tool Boxes and other tool related items that are typically too large to ship. Again they are only open by Chance or preferably Appointment so please call ahead (413) 229-7745 or send Send Email

Custom Furniture By Falcon-Wood   9/27/05


Custom hand made furniture is also made by Falcon-Wood. Our furniture is typically made from North American hard woods such as Cherry Wood, Maple, Walnut, Birch and Oak. We can also use veneered plywoods other wood, as available, including Pine to suit or design. If you cannot find the item you are looking for we can help design it and build a custom piece of furniture to your design requirements.

Again Falcon-Wood is only open by Appointment so please call ahead (413) 229-7745 or send Send Email if you would like to visit.

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